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Alms Giving Pt 1  
Alms Giving Pt 2  
Inexhaustable Rewards  
Two Perspectives  
Two Perspectives Cont.  
Two Perspectives Cont.  
His Precious Jewels  
Judgement of Believers  
Discipleship - No Turning Back  
Does A Christian Have To Be A Disciple  
1 Peter 5:1-11  
10,000% And Beyond  
More Rewards Pt 1  
More Rewards Pt 2  
Giving and Capitalism  
Materialism in the Church  
Two Masters On Giving  
FlatLine Giving  
Jacob's View  
Let Him Ask  
Who Was Melchisedec  
Spoils of War  
40 Years of No Tithing  
Curse Ye Meroz  
Giving The New Testament Way  
God Loves A Cheerful Giver