The Last Days 61-90

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Look Unto The Stars    
The Stars Are Preaching The Gospel    
Man Has No Righteousness Of His Own    
By Christ Faithfulness    
What Is The Second Coming?    
Enoch - What The Stars Proclaim    
What Was Abraham's Works?    
What Did Abraham See? Pt 1    
What Did Abraham See? Pt 2    
What Did Abraham See? Pt 3    
Tell The Stars    
The Molten Calf    
Identifying the Nations    
Moon God/Gideon    
Moon God/Jephthah    
Jephthah Cont.    
Jephthah Cont.    
Jephthah Cont.    
Certain Days    
More on the Day of the Lord    
David/Moon God    
He is Coming    
Israel Under Attack    
Hatred of Old Pt 1    
Mountain of Israel    
Setting Up His Kingdom